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    We have been providing our customers with tech services, products and solutions for over 25 years!
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Tech Specialists

Specializing in technology for over 25 years!

On-site, in store or remote service & support

Bring your tech problem to us; our technical department has over 40 repair stations. Or contact us for an on-site appointment. We also have advanced remote support and repair services!


We're PC and Apple pros!

In addition to repairing all PCs, we also repair MacBooks, iMacs, and more! Is your iPad acting up? Mac infected? Broken screen or bad motherboard on a MacBook? Our tech department does it all!


Long Term Partnerships

Over the past 25 years, Tower Micro has established hundreds of partnerships with IT industry leaders who provide us with the highest levels of support and training. We manage the tech details so you can easily use products and solutions.

Looking for a new website? We design websites that look great on desktops...
...our websites are beautiful on tablets...
and our websites are perfect for mobile! Contact us!
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  • PC Repair
  • Networking
  • Virtualization
  • Web
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  • Consulting

If you visit TowerMicro.com you won’t find data backup solutions next to office furniture as you might find in some chain stores! You can be confident that our experienced staff is focused on implementing and supporting the solutions and products we offer.

PC Repair
Web Design

We are the largest and oldest independently owned computer service center in PA with over 40 repair stations equipped with the latest diagnostic tools. Some of the common repairs we perform include: virus/spyware removal (without data/program loss), component replacements (power supply, motherboard, etc.), data recovery, laptop repairs and anything else that your computer might need to operate efficiently & reliably! We can also upgrade your PC with Solid State Drives (SSD), RAM, dedicated video and other performance enhancing components.

Tower Micro has been creating networks for businesses since networks were connected using coax and twinax cabling! Today we work with fiber and advanced wireless solutions. We can create a secure, reliable and fail safe network for your business. Networks are a specialty at Tower Micro!

Virtualization is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility—not just for large enterprises, but for small and midsize businesses too. Tower Micro can create a virtualized network for your business including virtual Exchange 2013, VOIP, IIS and much more!

Do you want to put your business on the Internet? Or is your existing website design a bit ‘tired’? We can help! We have affordable website design/hosting packages and we also offer high end solutions including ecommerce platforms. We can host your site, or you can also design and maintain a complete website right from your web browser using our SiteBuilder website creation tool (no software required)! Contact us today for a quote!

We can bring our technical expertise to your home or business to solve your technology problems! Whether it is a network that has stopped functioning, a virus that won’t go away, the need for a secure backup solution or whatever the problem may be, you can count on Tower Micro to send an experienced technician to your location - FAST!

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. What does that mean for your business? We can save you money! Get crystal clear call clarity, mobility, flexible configuration options and most importantly, a HUGE savings on your monthly phone bill! We offer cloud, virtualized and self-hosted VOIP solutions!

Do you need experienced advice from technology professionals? Tower Micro’s technicians are available to provide their expertise when you need it. Whether it be a complex networking issue, creating a data backup solution, solving workstation security issues or whatever your needs may be, Tower Micro can help! Call us today to schedule a meeting (at your location or ours) with one of our technicians; we’re here when you need us!

Services and Solutions

Check out some of the tech services and solutions we provide! Contact us for more information.

  • Remote repair, diagnostics and support
    Starting at $30
  • Cloud services including storage and backup
    Contact us
  • eCommerce applications and hosting solutions
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